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I know. Admittedly, this is a very strange title for an article, especially one that touts a potential key to sales success.

Let me start by providing my definition of journaling.

Journaling is a medium for expressing your hopes, fears, dreams, and whatever “head trash” needs to get out of your head. It’s also a place to write down your positive thoughts, beliefs and aspirations. Many in sales/business development don’t journal, because they’re not sure where to begin, or what structure would work best. When I started journaling, I found myself in the same boat.

BAGELS is an acronym for a journaling process that I use.

While I was at a Sandler conference several years ago, I was talking about my journaling struggles with one of my colleagues. He told me about a process he used called BAGELS.

Once he gave me the format, I’ve used it, and passed it along to many of my clients. This format can be used whenever you journal. Everyone’s cadence is different; some journal daily. I journal on average three times a week. BAGELS help provide a structured format for my journaling process.

B – BEHAVIOR. What was your Behavior today? Did you do the activities and actions needed to make progress towards your goals? Your Behaviors could be making prospecting calls, spending time on LinkedIn, or going to networking functions. Behavior is one of the three elements of the Sandler Success Triangle of Behavior, Attitude, and Technique. It is something which everyone in sales has 100% control.

A – ATTITUDE. What was your mindset for the day? Do you expect success or do you see limitations? Our brains are hard-wired to perform at their best when they are positive.

G – GRATITUDE. What are you grateful for? The evidence supporting the power of gratitude is overwhelming. Write down three to five things for which you are grateful. I’ve found that once I start, it’s easy to get ten or more.

E – EVALUATE. Evaluate your performance for the day. Where can you improve? What did you do well?

L – LESSONS LEARNED. What were the lessons you learned for the day? How can you apply those lessons to increase your chances for success?

S – SUCCESSES. Define your successes for the day. They don’t have to be massive wins! Maybe you disqualified a prospect you’ve been chasing for months, or you said you’d make 30 calls for the day and you made 35.

So as you kick off 2019, make BAGELS part of your journaling and sales success formula!


Let us know if you want more tips and tactics to success in sales.

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