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Sales Tips & Insights

Sandler sales tips and insights

Sandler Training in South Florida

The Sandler Training Methodology

Sandler Training in South Florida Sales Tips

Sandler Rule #14: "A Prospect Who Is Listening Is No Prospect At All."

Sandler Training in South Florida Sales Tips

Sandler Rule #43: "You Don't Learn How to Win by Getting a Yes"

Sandler Training in South Florida Sales Tips

Sandler Rule #30: "You Can't Lose Anything You Don't Have."

Sandler Training in South Florida Sales Tips

Sandler Rule #3: "No Mutual Mystification."

Sales Meeting Minute

No Budget, No Sale

Most sales people wait until the end of their presentation to bring up money, but most prospects are thinking “Gee, I wonder how much this is going to cost?” Why is that? How much time would you save on unqualified prospects if you learned a different way to talk about money, including where it was coming from and how you were going to get paid long before you even though about giving a presentation? Good news! That’s how professionally-trained sales people do it. Of course there’s a system at work here. Now the money becomes a lot easier to talk about. No budget, no sale. If you want help getting your sales team to get the budget and the sale, give me a call.

Sales Meeting Minute

Eliminate Stalls

Traditional sales training teaches techniques on how to eliminate stalls and objections. Some are fancy sales moves, while others are programmed responses. Sales is a conversation and I don’t know how you can memorize every possible response for every sales situation. Also, the prospect has usually heard these responses before and has been turned off by some fancy sales move. When you really think about it, the only person qualified to address the staller objection is the prospect. Ask the right questions and you will eliminate stalls and objections.

If you want to learn the right questions to ask and how to implement them in your sales process, give me a call and lets have a conversation.

Sales Meeting Minute

Manage Sales People

Manage sales people one at a time by Doug Cohen, Sandler Training.
Sales people are a funny breed because sales is a crazy business. The good ones have quirks and idiosyncrasies that make them difficult to manage unless you know how to manage them one at a time. In fact, do you know what motivates each and every one of your sales people? It’s not just the money, although that may be high on the list. Most crave the recognition although no one will admit to it, and many just want to do a good job, judged by their own standards, of course. Some run hard for fear of loss, whether its loss of visibility, status, income, or even loss of employment. Learn their personal goals, so you know why they work. Manage sales people one at a time.